ReModel at The Art House, Wakefield


25 July - 3 August 2018 (Preview 25 June 5-9pm- Art Walk, Wakefield). 

Collaborator Space, The Art House. 

ReModel is an exhibition by artist Rosanne Robertson following a research and development project exploring the idea of power at the margins. A central focus is a personal project exploring gender non-conformity, mental health and societal structures- producing a new body of assembled sculpture and drawings works. Focussing on the relationship between mind, body and environment these works celebrate the moment as the site for change and remodelling. Rosanne imagines the physicality of the site for change and how it involves the body- destruction of the past, embodying resistance to dominant structures and renewal.

A homophobic, rigid and patriarchal society can lead to a deep distrust and hatred of our own selves, bodies and variations. During research and collaborations Rosanne considers the psychological and physical effect of being at odds with a system.


Starting points involve automatic drawings that embody the mutilation of Queer female identity considered deviant in over riding patriarchal capitalistic system that rely on rigid and binary understandings of gender and sexuality. In contrast representational drawings on the psychological space of the black background depict the body as structure- withstanding its brutal environment and workload with re-built re-connections and crutches.  

Assembled sculpture is used to build new meaning and make new connections piece by piece as opposed to a single totalitarian sculptural object. Fragile connections and abused objects are held in a moment together- in an ongoing process of renewal.

This project is supported using public funding by Arts Council England. Rosanne Robertson is supported by The Art House during this project as a bursary studio holder.