To the Ground Install.jpg




Assembled sculpture and sound- suspended red bricks, black nylon chord and pre recorded sound of the bricks touching each other. .

10 Reginald Street, Pallion, Sunderland.

Materials of labour are used referencing her father’s work and a post-industrial and working-class upbringing in Sunderland- using the red bricks that surrounded her in an ex mining Sunderland cottage during formative moments.

This sculptural ceiling is a space of both comfort and oppression- extending this situation to the audience to consider their own physicality within this space and the memories red bricks embody. Red bricks are porous and the size of hands- small solid parts of bigger pictures.

Building this installation bare hand builds a personal relationship with this material which has made tiny cuts in the hands of many to achieve our built environments. I don’t remember my Dad ever wearing gloves.

Laughing he states “No Rose, nobody ever came to ask if your hands were OK and to see if you needed a break”.

Image: Interior installed at To the Ground solo exhibition at AIR Gallery, Manchester.