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To the Ground
to Oct 27

To the Ground

To The Ground; a solo exhibition by artist Rosanne Robertson - winner of an AIR Gallery Platform Bursary award sponsored by Arts Council England.

Conscious and unconscious explorations of the idea of Ground are presented via representational and abstract forms. Connections within the material and immaterial mind are extended via appendages and crutches which connect us psychologically and physically to the ground. Moments that are rooted and up rooted exist at the same time celebrating constant flux- joined together and exposed in opposition to the idea of an opaque and rigid dominant structure.

Female form is handled by the female hands, instincts and gaze of the artist- reclaiming power taken away by an overarching patriarchal and homophobic society that fears true exploration of female power and sexuality. 

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ReModel at The Art House
to Aug 3

ReModel at The Art House


Collaborator Space, The Art House (Wakefield). 

is an exhibition by artist Rosanne Robertson following a research and development project exploring through practice and collaboration the idea of power at the margins. A central focus will be a personal project by Rosanne Robertson exploring mental health and societal structures- producing a new body of assembled sculpture, drawings, sound and performance works. Rosanne will focus of the relationship between mind, body and environment in works that celebrate the moment as the site for change and remodelling. Rosanne imagines the physicality of the site for change and how it involves the body- destruction of the past, embodying resistance to dominant structures and renewal.


Starting points involve automatic drawings that embody the mutilation of Queer female identity considered deviant in over riding patriarchal capitalistic system that rely on rigid and binary understandings of gender and sexuality. A homophobic and rigid society can lead to a deep distrust and hatred of our own selves, bodies and variations. During research and collaborations Rosanne considers the psychological effect of being at odds with the system and societal structures which oppress based on sexuality, gender, class, ability and race. Assemblage and sculpture is explored as a medium in relation to building new meaning and making new connections piece by piece. An alternative Queer Herstory of Assemblage Art, the female+Queer+non-binary body and the Queer female gaze in art will be researched as part of this project.

This projected is supported using public funding by Arts Council England. Rosanne Robertson is supported by The Art House during this project as a bursary studio holder.

The exhibition opening is part of The Wakefield Art Walk. 

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TRANSCRIPT exhibition
to Jun 23

TRANSCRIPT exhibition

Transcript | CHARLIE SMITH GALLERY | London


Barry Finan and Rosanne Robertson will exhibit their collaborative installation YES LAD YES LASS in a group exhibition curated by gallery director Zavier Ellis and artist Hugh Mendes.

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European Outsider Arts Association Conference 2018
10:00 AM10:00

European Outsider Arts Association Conference 2018

'The Artist's Voice'

4th – 6th May

From 4th – 6th May 2018, Outside In is hosting the European Outsider Art Association (EOA) Conference at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester (UK). The conference is aimed at artists, curators and collectors as well as representatives from museums, galleries, collections, art projects and studio groups. 

Rosanne Robertson will present YES LAD, YES LASS a collaborative work commissioned by Venture Arts for OutsiderXchangeS.

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7:00 PM19:00


SQUIRT (2014)- a short film made in collaboration with Debbie Sharp in response to Wordworks 7 commissioned by Centre for the Use and Abuse of Books has been selected to be screened at FLUIDS a Queer short film program curated by Coral Short and Alex Tsoli. Rosanne Robertson and Debbie Sharp will also be speakers at the related conference. 

"Fluids. Everywhere. Refreshing, juicy, slippery, disgusting, slimy, hydrating. What else can a fluid do? Alex Tsoli and Coral Short come together to explore splashy fluids inside the contained world of video so we can all stay dry. But for how long?"


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to Jan 21

PUSH- (De)Construction

De(Construction) – Developing the Creative Scene, DIY Style at HOME, Manchester.

Part of: PUSH 2018

Instigate Arts presents a night of creative and artistic Do it Yourself, bringing together Manchester and Salford’s cutting edge, innovative and leftfield creatives, collaborators, collectives and spaces. Find out who’s doing what, where and how and enjoy an evening of art, performance, music, video and conversations.


A reverse sculpture by artists Debbie Sharp and Rosanne Robertson.

For De(Construction) artist directors of The Penthouse Debbie Sharp and Rosanne Robertson will present a reverse sculpture that pairs raw materials of construction and the performance of destruction - reducing old hierarchical individualistic monumentalism to the communal experience of dust.


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