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To the Ground by Rosanne Robertson- Conversation Circle
6:30 PM18:30

To the Ground by Rosanne Robertson- Conversation Circle

As part of her solo exhibition at AIR Gallery artist Rosanne Robertson will be in conversation with Curator Greg Thorpe on Thursday October 25th 6.30-8.30pm. The conversation will expand on subjects and themes of the work and take the form of a circle within the exhibition space. Conversation will be prompted by a text written by Rosanne on specific objects within the exhibition, their personal histories and how they unpack issues related to wider Queer and human experience. Queer experience, gendered objects and lesbian, masc and/or butch identities intersecting with class will be explored. Conversation started by Rosanne and Greg will open out around the circle to the audience who are encouraged to participate if they would like to. This format is chosen as a non-hierarchical way of presenting an artist talk- opening conversation with others as part of an ongoing practice.

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