Hyperarousal 2017.

Sculpture. 120 x 140cm.

Clothing, paper, muslin, latex, stuffing, coir hair, metal objects.

Installation images- In Collaboration With Gallery, Blackpool featuring a passer by who considered my sculpture as an art work and then himself as an art work and then a spanner he had bought from the market which he then placed on the gallery floor beside my sculpture.

Assembled works are concerned with personal relationships between mind, body

and objectivity. The abuse of LGBTQ+ bodies and minds and the trauma and uncertainty

of becoming a full person when faced with fracturing homophobic societal hostility is

implicit in these forms. The work considers the idea of the crutch and balance..

Hyperarousal is made with materials such as cheap fabrics dipped and moulded in latex- a

material often used as part of many fetishisations and speaks of many over sexualised

young lives. Objectification as a lesbian is two fold- objectified as a woman and then the

heteronormative appropriation of lesbianism as a passing performative act of sexual