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Rosanne Robertson is an artist based in the UK with a studio base in Hebden Bridge (West Yorkshire). Working with drawing, assemblage, performance and sound she explores tensions, anxieties and relationships between body, object and environment. Personal themes of sexuality, gender, class and mental health intersect- overlapping and layering with each part dependent on the other. Lesbianism, Queerness, disruption and the construction of self are main concerns explored via the body in opposition to inhumane dominant structures.

Described by Dazed and Confused when selected by Doodlebug as one of the city’s ‘Emerging Ones’ as “working beneath the skin by any means possible”.

Rosanne Robertson is director of Dyke|Queer contemporary art project The Penthouse (Manchester/Salford).

Robertson has performed and exhibited worldwide from group exhibition Transcript at Charlie Smith London, OutsiderXchanges at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art (Gateshead), (De)Construction at HOME (Manchester), For Posterity at Castlefield Gallery (Manchester), Threshold at VOID Gallery (Derry), Inside Out/Next Generation a K11 Art Foundation (Wuhan, China) to residencies in New York with Sluice__ /Norte Maar (London/Brooklyn) and The Trelex Residency (Switzerland). She has had solo shows at PAPER Gallery (Manchester), The Art House (Wakefield) and AIR Gallery (Manchester). Her work has been reviewed by Corridor 8, The Skinny, Double Negative, The Wire and Dazed Digital. Robertson has given lectures on Contemporary Feminism at University of Manchester and performed at The European Outsider Art Association Conference.




stonebodywater 2019

Limited edition of 20 signed and numbered photographic prints

400 x 500mm

Giclée print on KI Smooth Rag 300gsm

This limited edition of photographs are from performance for camera / video stonewaterbody 2019 which is part of a new body of work titled Stone (Butch). Works from Stone (Butch) were recently exhibited as part of Associated Matter at Yorkshire Sculpture Park for Yorkshire Sculpture International and are currently on exhibition at The Hepworth Wakefield until 29 September 2019.

Stone (Butch) is my project as a Yorkshire Sculpture International Associate Artist. The title Stone (Butch) introduces the act of connecting qualities of stone, water and other aspects of nature with our gender expressions, sexuality and identity.

stonebodywater is a bodily intervention with one of the water systems that flow through the side of the valley in Hebden Bridge on my walk up to The Bridestones from my studio. This performance for camera connects stone, the body and water as materials. The video work is a looped 1 minute piece.

Rosanne Robertson’s exposition of the fluidity of queer bodies through haiku-like 1-minute looped films

- Wallpaper magazine

Her works explore water and stone, making a connection between fluidity and barriers, nature and queer bodies.

- Elephant magazine

Stone (Butch) focuses on a set of stones called The Bridestones which are situated above Todmorden in the Upper Calder Valley. The body of work includes photo collage with drawing and new sculpture. I have been taking plaster casts of cracks in the stones to make the chasmschism sculptures and filming bodily interventions with water systems on the walk to The Bridestones from my studio in Hebden Bridge which follows on from similar performances for camera such as Pissing.

These works are of Queer forms and changing bodies that are not set in stone, but rather revealed to us over a long period of time as fluid structures shaped by water and erosion. These Queer bodies are as fluid as the water that shapes them and as plural as the grains of sand that erode them.

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